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To make a successful transaction, choose a broker who will work with you, for you. Let us choose the right broker for your needs.

Quickly find the best real estate broker to sell your property.

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Find the best real estate broker to sell your house or condo.

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Selling with Distinction | Mauricie

Successful brokers in your neighborhood

The Via Capitale Distinction and Mauricie real estate brokers are recognized as being among the best in the industry. They all use their experience and performance to find you the best buyer in your area. Two brokers will be proposed to you, to you to choose which one among them will be your ally in your sale.

Ethics and professionalism

Our real estate brokers are all certified by the OACIQ and adhere to the strictest ethical standards. Many of them provide protections for buyers and sellers.

Free and without obligations

There is a false rumor that real estate brokers charge a fee for an appraisal of the market value of your property. There is no charge for receiving broker proposals, and you are completely free to accept or decline the proposals.


Your request will be sent and treated confidentially. Only the two selected real estate brokers will contact you.

Why sell with a broker?

Maximum visibility

A real estate broker knows how to put your property up for sale by giving it maximum visibility. Thanks to a rigorous training and an excellent knowledge of the market, the broker highlights the strong points that will make your property sell for the best price.

Time saving

Appraising, promoting, managing showings, negotiating and all other facets of selling a property are very time consuming. By dealing with a real estate broker, you will save precious time that you can devote to your family, your work and your other occupations.

Worry-free transaction

There are many legal forms that must be completed when selling a property. A real estate broker will help you fill out these forms correctly and avoid mistakes that could cost you dearly. In addition, the broker has the duty to explain the implications of each contract and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

Proper evaluation

To sell quickly at the best price, it is essential to correctly evaluate the price of your property from the start. Real estate brokers know the current market and have mastered the art of evaluating your property in order to attract buyers and obtain the best selling price.

Negotiations by pros

For a real estate broker, negotiation is second nature. The broker will negotiate for you not only the best sale price according to the offers of the buyers, but also the exclusions and inclusions to the sale contract, the date of taking possession, and all other elements in order to meet your needs.

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